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Our Clinical Communications Group is a full-service in-house medical communications team focused on delivering impactful, relevant, and valuable educational and promotional content to a wide variety of healthcare professions. We achieve our clients objectives by: 
  • Identifying unmet educational and promotional needs
  • Determining strategic opportunities and tactics
  • Executing and delivering top-quality products and services
  • Measuring, reporting, and evaluating audience feedback 

The Clinical Communications Group is composed of experienced clinical science editors, copywriters, project managers, meeting planners, graphic designers, digital architects, and others representing a functional unit capable of delivering a full spectrum of products and services, including: 

Supplemental publications for affiliated journals
New product monographs
Clinical/scientific newsletters
Symposia/meeting reports
White papers and clinical practice briefs 

Web-based advertising
E-mail marketing
Microsite development
Interactive publications
Digital publication and distribution of educational and promotional content (printed word and multimedia formats)

Live Events 
Advisory boards
Roundtable discussions
Peer-to-peer teleconferences
Conferences and educational summits for audiences both small (<100) and large (>100) 

In addition, the Clinical Communications Group offers extensive experience in a variety of subject areas, including oncology, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, immunology, infectious diseases, health economics and outcomes research, health policy, mental health, neurology, ophthalmology, pain management, respiratory conditions, urology, womens health, and pharmacy practice.