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The Best of Both Worlds
Intellisphere combines the power of big-time publishing capabilities with intimate‚ dedicated attention to reader and client needs.
Whether or not you know the name Intellisphere, chances are pretty good you’ve seen one or more of our publications or branded websites. We combine the key benefits of a major publisher and a full-service communications and media provider with the attention to detail and adaptability of a truly entrepreneurial enterprise.
Operating within both traditional and digital media channels that support the dissemination of relevant content on healthcare technology and clinical research, our company serves the news and information needs of hundreds of thousands of general practitioners‚ specialists‚ nurses, pharmacists‚ and managed care professionals through an extensive suite of integrated products and services.
As a company, we are committed to launching innovative platforms and video programming, in addition to being the preferred source of daily news and information; including “Breaking News” within the healthcare industry.
With names like The American Journal of Managed Care®, Pharmacy Times®, Cardiology Review Online®Oncology & Biotech News®Oncology Live®‚ and HCPLive.com as part of our publishing group, we reach more than a half million healthcare professionals across nearly all segments of care.
We listen to our readers and clients, understand their needs‚ and provide comprehensive solutions that meet their information and marketing goals. Intellisphere is a full-service communications and media company with deep experience in all facets of healthcare publishing and ancillary services, among them, hosting live events (among them, accredited continuing education events); clinical symposia; complete conference coverage; webinars; custom publications; slide kits and monographs; newsletters; custom Mapped® programs; and many more.
We continuously identify new areas of publishing to better serve reader and client needs.