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Founded in 1995, The American Journal of Managed Care® is a peer-reviewed, indexed journal dedicated to publishing original healthcare outcomes research. The journals mission is to publish research that is relevant to clinical and policy decision makers as they work to promote the efficient delivery of high-quality care. It is an acknowledged leader in the growing managed care space, and the publications influence is seen in the frequency with which authors and their articles are referenced in national media outlets. 

Launched in 2009, The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits® publishes peer-reviewed research that examines the impact of formulary management strategies on the utilization, cost, and quality of pharmacy services. The journals mission is to provide pharmacy and formulary decision makers with clinical strategies to improve efficiency and health outcomes in managing pharmaceutical care. 

Both The American Journal of Managed Care® and The American Journal of Pharmacy Benefits® circulate to individuals with important decision-making responsibilities that affect the inclusion and tier placement of drugs on formularies, and both publications address the demand for rigorous, evidence-based research that managed care decision makers rely on to make value-based decisions for the populations they serve. The journals audiences include medical directors, pharmacy and therapeutics committee members, pharmacy directors, corporate benefits managers, and other healthcare professionals across the following 6 market segments: 1) HMO/PPO/IHOs; 2) hospitals; 3) long-term care; 4) PBMs; 5) VA/government; and 6) employers. Together, these 2 journals offer powerful insights for decision makers on matters of medical insurance and pharmacy benefit management. 

AJMCtv Peer Exchange is a comprehensive video editorial series that provides a multi-stakeholder perspective on important issues facing managed care professionals in the evolving healthcare landscape. Each edition focuses on a specific disease or condition and features a panel of managed care experts who offer valuable insight and informed opinion on key clinical economic and policy topics.

ACO and Emerging Healthcare Delivery Coalition --  As ACOs and other emerging delivery and payment models evolve and move away from traditional fee-for-service system models toward cost-effective and value-based care, the need to understand how these models will evolve is critical to building long-term strategic solutions. The mission of the ACO Coalition is to bring together a diverse group of key stakeholders, including ACO providers and leaders, payers, IDNs, retail and specialty pharmacy, academia, national quality organizations, patient advocacy, employers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to work collaboratively to build value and improve the quality and overall outcomes of patient care. Coalition members share ideas and best practices through live meetings, Web-based interactive sessions and conference calls. Distinguishing features are the Coalition’s access to leading experts and its small workshops that allow creative problem-solving. To learn more, click here.

The Managed Markets Group also publishes: 

Evidence-Based Oncology™, a bi-monthly journal dedicated to helping facilitate understanding of the often divergent perspectives of payers and providers in oncology 

Evidence-Based Diabetes Management™, a quarterly publication that addresses topics relevant to the payer/provider relationship in diabetes care

The American Journal of Accountable Care
®, a quarterly publication focused on healthcare reform and, in turn, new practices required by the transition to payment models keyed to measures of healthcare quality