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Cancer treatment has advanced dramatically over the past 10 years. These advances are born of significant progress in the understanding of tumor development, genetics, and pathology. The discovery of new pathways has transformed cancer treatment from chemotherapy regimens to advanced and sometimes complicated treatment options. The more researchers learn about the origins and growth of cancer cells, the more complex treatment regimens have become. There are currently more than 50 genes with clear oncogenic function, and nearly every major pathway has been implicated in cancer in some fashion. This research and a deeper understanding of cancer have led to treatment options called “targeted therapies.”

One major challenge in the oncology market is that new information outpaces the ability of oncologists to stay current. Moreover, the demand for oncology products (such as targeted therapies and immunotherapies) continues to grow due to earlier and better cancer detection and treatment. Rapid increases in data on new agents and an overwhelming number of clinical trials from which to choose present challenges for busy community oncologists, who need to integrate this information quickly and efficiently to improve patient care.

Targeted Healthcare Communications leverages the growing interest in cancer products in precision medicine and is the first publisher with a peer-reviewed journal focusing on these new products. Through our digital and print media platforms, we offer a dedicated website, two journals, and a number of multichannel programs focused on precision medicine in oncology.

Targeted Therapies in Oncology™ is dedicated to providing oncology healthcare professionals with leading-edge research, data, and treatment strategies surrounding molecular and immune system targets that may significantly improve outcomes for patients with cancer. The publication translates the latest news and advances in diagnostic testing, biomarkers, pathways, immunotherapy, and targeted therapeutics for better application into clinical practice.

The Journal of Targeted Therapies in Cancer™ aims to improve cancer patient care by providing peer-reviewed clinical articles that analyze advances in cancer targets and targeted therapies‚ and their application in clinical practice. The journal strives to expand oncologists’ knowledge of biomarkers, pathways, diagnostics, immunotherapy, targeted therapeutics, and strategies for individualizing treatment and improving outcomes for patients with cancer.

TargetedOnc.com™ has a unique focus on molecular biology with expert opinions on research, management, and treatment. This oncology-focused website provides content focused on precision medicine in oncology. As cancer research continues to trend toward systems biology and molecular aberrations, the challenge facing many oncologists is staying current and up-to-date with the future of cancer therapeutics.

Targeted Oncology Special Reports include a mix of printed articles, video interviews, clinical pearls, and algorithms that detail the latest research and treatments by tumor type. Go to http://bit.ly/1HjzWEc to see the digital portion of this Targeted multichannel program.

Case-Based Peer Perspectives, a Targeted multichannel program, offers diverse case studies that include various diagnostics, mutational characteristics, subsets, stages, histologies, prior therapies, comorbidities and special populations. Cases involve specific tumor types, but no two cases are the same. Renowned opinion leaders provide insight on the cases. Go to http://bit.ly/1EFoZ2a to see the digital portion of this program.

Evolving Paradigms, a new visually stimulating multichannel backgrounder and refresher tool, updates community oncologists on recent and emerging changes related to a specific disease state.It includes general information on the tumor type, risk factors, evolving methods of diagnostics, cytological presentation, treatment strategies, factors affecting prognosis and treatment, and a detailed focus on recent/emerging therapies and immunotherapies. Go to http://bit.ly/1MBeX6t to see the digital portion of this program.

CME Activities specific to Targeted Oncology can be accessed at http://bit.ly/1NKcSlC.