Our extensive and industry-leading portfolio of products and services reach the top physicians, health care professionals, and specialists in the country. Practicing physicians and key opinon leaders alike look to our resources to keep abreast of the latest information and advances in health care today. We also offer continuing education services and peer exchange opportunities.
All-Inclusive Collection of Resources for Medical Professionals

The Healthcare Specialty Group (HSG) provides an all-inclusive collection of resources for medical professionals. 

Our multi-specialty portal provides physicians and other healthcare professionals with the most current specialty and disease-specific news, clinical information, and other resources to help them provide better care to patients. At MDMag, you'll find in-depth conference coverage and information about upcoming meetings, content from our affiliated print journals, finance and practice management updates, video interviews with leading physician experts, and other multimedia resources.

The Healthcare Specialty Group also offers several other new resources and publications, including: MD Magazine®, MD Magazine: Peers and Perspectives® As well as several legacy publications including: Surgical Rounds® Resident & Staff Physician® Internal Medicine World Report® and MDNG®.
Bringing the Oncology Community Together
The Oncology Specialty Group strives to provide oncology professionals, patients, and caregivers with up-to-date information in the field of oncology. Through a comprehensive array of digital and print media, as well as live meetings, our editorial content includes input from the top physicians in the world, made possible by our relationships with leading institutions through our Strategic Alliance Program and key opinion leaders.

The Digital Source Supporting Oncology Clinical Practice®, the leading website in the oncology space, features breaking healthcare news with comprehensive viewpoints from oncology thought leaders. Through the video editorial programs OncLive TV®Peer Exchange®, and OncLive Insights®,® is able to reach a vast clinical audience. Our filmings offer an opportunity to view lively discussions featuring peer-to-peer exchanges that provide authoritative insights, opinions, and perspectives on important issues facing today's cancer care professionals.
The OncLive News Network provides weekly updates covering breaking news, clinical trial results, FDA approvals, and offers an inside look at leading cancer centers. The platform also offers insight for oncology nurses, who are at the forefront of care, with Oncology Nursing News®.

CURE™, part of the OncLive® family, combines science, humanity, and technology to make cancer understandable and navigable for each patient, caregiver, and survivor on their personal cancer journey. CURE™ is the largest consumer magazine in the United States focused entirely on cancer and connects patients with clinical trials, physicians, and each other. Our print and digital audience inculdes individual subscribers, cancer centers, and advocacy groups around the country, putting each issue of CURE™ in front of over a million readers.
The website,, provides instant access to the latest advances, patient video interviews, resource guides for the newly diagnosed, and other online tools focused entirely on patients and their care-givers.  Information about our special events, such as the MPN Heroes™ and Extraordinary Healer™ Award for oncology nurses, are located at
In addition to print and online media, CURE® Adventures, which was recently launched by CURE® in collaboration with pharmaceutical and advocacy organizations, provides inspirational adventures for patients with cancer and their loved ones. These excursions are captured in documentaries to help create awareness and raise funds for research, all the while creating hope for other patients and caregivers who are unable to participate.

Journals Providing Specialized Content

The Oncology Specialty Group offers several print publications in addition to supplements and special issues for oncology professionals, with the goal of helping physicians and nurses provide better care for their patients:
  • OncologyLive® is published twice per month with a circulation of 22,000 medical/hematologic, radiation, and surgical oncologists. A dynamic guide to oncology research and technology, the magazine spotlights the people, research, and companies responsible for the advances in this evolving field.
  • Oncology Nursing News® keeps oncology nurses abreast of developments in cancer care that are relevant to their practice. Published 9 times a year, this publication covers the major trends in oncology nursing, as well as treatment guidelines, government regulations, advocacy groups, etc., and combines oncology research and insights with nurse-authored commentaries.
  • Oncology Business Management™ is published monthly with the latest news and information related to practice management, technology, data analytics, healthcare policies, and tips from other physicians in the country. This publication assists oncologists and practice managers in delivering high-quality, value- and evidenced-based patient care in their practice.
  • Urologists in Cancer Care™ is dedicated to the increasingly specialized role of the urologist in treating prostate, testicular, bladder, and renal cell cancers.
Rare Disease Communications

Rare Disease Communications is a healthcare communications and media company focused on the rare disease community. Our goal is to raise awareness of rare diseases and orphan drugs so that patients will be diagnosed and treated more efficiently.
The healthcare industry has a unique challenge reaching the rare disease community. Leveraging both print and digital spaces, Rare Disease Communications strives to raise awareness about clinical trials, products, and educational messages. Our flagship website (Rare Disease ReportTM) and various news sources are seen and shared by physicians, nurses, patients, patient advocates, scientists, and regulators.
Rare Disease ReportTM has a strong social media presence to further promote products (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube) and our weekly e-newsletter is distributed to a broad audience of physicians, nurses, advocates, and patients.
An Essential Resource for Today's Business-Minded Dentist
Dentist's Money Digest® is the leading news and information source for business-minded dentists. The website exists to help dentists earn, build, and leverage their wealth with actionable insights from dentistry and financial professionals.
Dentist's Money Digest® features a robust Practice Management section, where industry leaders explain how to maximize a practice's efficiency, assemble and maintain a high-performing staff, and keep abreast of the latest development in the industry.
Our Personal Finance section helps dentists make sense of personal finance matters, from highly complex investment strategies to basic budgeting and financial software. The section features the latest markets and investing news, plus columns written by noted personal finance experts.
In addition, Dentist's Money Digest® helps dentists enjoy their wealth, with a Lifestyle section highlighting the latest travel, dining, and tech trends.
The Leading Voice in Veterinary Medicine and Practice
The Veterinary Group helps veterinary professionals deliver high-quality care and build a thriving business and career. Through our exclusive information and resources - encompassing both digital and print media - we help busy professionals maximize opportunities and enhance the value of their practice. Written by veterinarians for veterinarians, our editorial content is timely, relevant, and actionable.
Through our daily website, quarterly journal, and robust social media presence, American Veterinarian™ publishes the latest news and expert commentary on current research related to veterinary medicine. Veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants across the United States turn to American Veterinarian™ to remain up-to-date on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of species-specific diseases; product information; client education; legal and regulatory updates; and news and trends.
Veterinarian's Money Digest™, an online business and finance journal for today's veterinarian, provides a daily dose of practice management, personal finance, and lifestyle stories designed to keep veterinary professionals up to date in a rapidly changing healthcare landscape. It features a mix of news updates, columns, and expert advice from veterinary and financial professionals, tailored to fit the needs of all veterinarians.